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/help 1 (2, 3, 4, etc)
/register yourpassword retypeyourpassword Register your account
/login password Unlock your account
/logout Lock your account
/changepassword old new Change your password
/cmode Creative mode
/smode Survival mode
/tpa player Request teleport to user
/seen player Last time a user was online
/r Quickly reply to last message
/back Teleport to prior location
/sethome Sets /home teleport location
/home Teleport home
/mail Check mail
/t player message Send private message
/invite player Invite a player to a private chat session
/pmleave Leave a private chat session
! Send a global chat message (if we enable ranged chat)
/warp Shows warp list
/warp location Teleport to location
/tppos x y z Teleport to position/coordinates (creative worlds only)
/spawn Teleport to spawn point
//wand Get wand tool for protecting areas
/region define regionname player Define region to protect
/region remove regionname Delete a region
/region addmember regionname player Grant another player access to your region
/region flag regionname use deny Denies use of doors, buttons, plates, levers, etc in region
/limitip add player ip Limits what IP addresses can use your account
/read Read paper in hand
/write blah blah blah Write blah blah blah to paper in hand
/write –a blah blah blah Add on blah blah blah to existing text on paper
/mob Control a mob that you’re riding
&a or &1
&a-f or &0-9
Letter or number to change color of your text
Color codes
/j Send a message to ~Jaggy
/console Send a message to the console
/sworld Teleport to Survival-only map
/cworld Teleport to Creative map
/worth See sell value of item in hand or specify item name
/sell hand Sell the item in your hand
/baltop See users with the highest balances
/setxmpp Sets your xmpp/jabber account for people to send you messages to your phone/desktop(DISABLED)
/x player message (DISABLED, please use IRC) Sends xmpp/jabber message to player if they have it set (/setxmpp)
/xchat (DISABLED, please use IRC) Sends all game chat to your jabber account
/ma j Start a fight in the Mob Arena (only works in sworld)
/ma spec Become a spectator in the Mob Arena (only works in sworld)
/lwc Full list of chest protection commands
/mv who List players and their current world
/bounty Put a bounty on an enemy player
/scs Create Buy and Sell shows as a visible store
/stats See your current player stats
/mctop Top MCMMO player skill levels
/mctop mining Show top players at Mining skill
/mining See your current skill level information
/mcstats Show your current skill levels
/bottle # Places the specified # of XP into glass bottles for storage/trade

Essentials command list/info
WorldGuard command list/info
WorldGuard region flags
Trade signs
Craftbook usage