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Chat Description How to get promoted (NEVER ASKING FOR PROMO)
[Rank]FactionName|PlayerName: Message Chat format
[--Guest--] Rank: Unregistered player
[-Builders-] Rank: Registered player
[-Crafter-] Rank: Plays on the server regularly Moderator+ will promote when trusted
[Moderator] Rank: Helps other players and keep the server safe from bad players WE+ will promote when trusted and helpful
['Worldedit'] Rank: Moderator with Worldedit access Admin+ will promote when trusted and tested with WE commands
[--Admin--] Rank: Trusted player to help keep the server stable and help players Only promoted when group voted by other admins
[-@Admin@-] Rank: Admin trusted with keeping survival world fair and balanced Must give up all survival playing/factions to be able to keep survival fair and balanced
* before PlayerName Donating player
. before PlayerName Player with a nickname
' before FactionName Moderator of the faction
'' before FactionName Owner of the faction
* before Rank Global message
* PlayerName /me message
GreenFactionName Ally to your faction
WhiteFactionName Neutral to your faction
RedFactionName Enemy of your faction
GoldFactionName Peaceful faction (cannot PVP)
PlayerName ---> Me Private message from a player.  Reply with /r yourmessage
{Jail} A player is being jailed or unjailed
{Mute} A player is being muted or unmuted
{Kick/Ban} A player has been kicked or banned
(Promote) A player has been promoted in rank
(Demote) A player has been demoted in rank
(Death) A player has died from natural causes
(Murder) A player has been murdered by another player (PVP)
<Regen> A player has regenerated a world
<AFK> A player has gone AFK (away from keyboard) or returned
<Join> A player has joined/connected to the server
<Leave> A player has left/disconnected from the server