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Hunger Games:
Moderators+ should be able to start a game using /hbg start hg
To join /hbg join hg
To see a list of tributes(players) still in the game /hbg tributes hg (only shows count if you are in the game)
To leave /hbg leave
To spectate /hbg spec hg
To see a list of arenas and status /hbg arenas (only one at the moment)

Faction Rules (Survival world):
1 If your faction has enemy factions, that faction can attack you and you can attack back without warning
2 If you can get into unprotected chests or unclaimed land, help yourself
3 There is no /poof kill /tp kill or /back kill or mass killing allowed
4 Admins/mods may not use powers against players (demotion if caught)
5 Anything you die with becomes the killer's property
6 No repeat killing if you gain very little/nothing from it
7 We will not repair “griefing” in survival worlds, protect with faction claims!
8 “Survival” means surviving.  If you don’t want attacked, build in creative world or request Peaceful faction status

Faction Name Colors:
Gold = Peaceful (can’t be enemy)
Purple = Ally
White = Neutral
Red = Enemy
Green = Member of your faction
** before faction name = faction admin
* before faction name = faction moderator

Faction Power:
  1. Every land claim costs money and faction power
  2. Every time you die you lose 2 faction power
  3. If your faction power drops below your faction land #, then your land can be claimed by enemies
  4. If your faction members are not online for long periods of time your faction loses power
  5. More members = more power = more land

Faction Commands:
/f create yourfactionname (Costs $500) Create new faction
/f who factionname or playername Show info about a faction
/f claim (increases in cost the more you claim) Bonus $ to claiming enemy territory Claim a 16x16 block area for your faction
/f join factionname Request to join a faction
/f leave Leave your current faction
/f power (playername) Show your power or optionally another player
/f chat Switch between world, ally, or faction chat
/f sethome Set the home of your faction
/f home Teleport to your faction home
/f owner (playername) Allow only the specified player to use the 16x16 block faction claim
/f ally factionname /f neutral factionname Request ally or neutral with another faction
/f enemy Go to war with a faction
/f money b Show faction’s bank balance
/f money d # Deposit money into your faction’s bank
/f money ff # faction faction
(fp = faction to playler, pf = player to faction)
Transfer money from one faction to another
Click here for full list of commands
Click here for MCMMO information about skills, etc.

If an admin is abusing powers write down what day/time it happened and notify another admin.